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#followfriday: The THINGS WE ARE NOT people on Twitter

The Twitterati should all follow these people, the writers and Benefactors of Things We Are Not. Everyone should also visit the TWAN page and order the book. The shipping-included/free M-Brane subscription deal remains available there. Note that these are not all of the authors or Benefactors, since not all of them are on Twitter. Or at least I am unaware of or overlooked the missing ones if they are on there.


Brandon Bell "Things We Are Not..."  
Eden Robins "Switch"  
Alex Wilson "Outgoing"
Derek J. Goodman "As Wide as the Sky, and Twice as Explosive"
Abby Rustad "Queen for a Day"
Mari Kurisato "Connected" and the cover art! 
Therese Arkenberg "Reila's Machine"
Michael D. Griffiths "Transitions"
Lisa Shapter "The World in His Throat"

The following writers are not to my knowledge among the Twitterati (though some of them are among my Facebook friends), but please correct me I'm wrong and I'll add the links:

Stephen Gaskell: "The Offside Trap" 
Jay Kozzi: "Pos-psi-bilities" 
C.B. Calsing: "Seeker"
Trent Roman: "Confessions of a Call Herm"
Deborah Walker: "The Meerprashi Solution"
Larissa Gale: "Diplomatic Relations"
Alex Jeffers: "Composition with Barbarian and Animal" 

Again, I may have missed some folks, but these are ones that I follow...

D.D. Tannenbaum (also programmer of the Mobi/Kindle ebook version)
Sam Fleming
Kaolin Fire 
Bart Leib and Kay Holt (on behalf of Crossed Genres Magazine)

(writers Abby Rustad and Derek Goodman, above, also made Benefactor contributions)

Tags: queer antho, twitter

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