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Getting away from here for a couple days

Jeff and I are going to St. Louis this week, mostly to visit his mom, but also to see some other friends. And also to get the hell out here for a couple days. We will also stop at Jay International and restock our spice pantry and possibly visit the zoo.  I mention it here because this trip will take me offline for a while, and I thought I'd let people know in case anyone starts wondering where I am.  Our itinerary is something like this:


2:00pm: Leave OKC
And drive some more.

6:00 pm: Probably pass through Springfield, MO. May eat something there.

Drive and drive some more. 

10:00-11:00 pm: Arrive at J's mom's home....

Where there will be no internet connection that night or all day Friday!

She's buying a new computer on Friday and is scheduled for installation of her internet service on Saturday.
But we'll be doing some un-networked, offline relaxing most of Friday.


We will spend much of the day down in the city, visiting friends and things like that.  That night we will return to J's mom's place in the suburbs, where (Cthulhu willing) there will then be the internet.  I may be able to check in on email late that night.

SUNDAY 10/25

We will be spending this day with J's mom. I will probably have some intermittent opportunity to get online to check on critical matters (if any) but probably not doing things like new blog posts.

MONDAY 10/26

We reverse the trip and come back to OKC.  Monday night I'll be getting back into the routine.

And then I am still off from the day job on Tuesday and Wednesday and will probably try to get M-BRANE 10 done.  And finish getting ready for NaNoWriMo.

Tags: vacation

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