mbranesf (mbranesf) wrote,

To the opponents of the Matthew Shepard Law, I say, "Fuck you!"

It was such a relief last week when President Obama signed the long-awaited Matthew Shepard Act, expanding Federal hate crimes law to include sexual orientation and gender identity. It was a triumphant and just conclusion to one of the most shameful campaigns of hate I have ever seen.

It was not sufficient for Republicans and their affiliated nutjobs to simply fall back on their tedious "small government" rhetoric or their fallacious assertions that existing laws were good enough to protect people and that the gays don't need any "special rights."  Nope, in the case of the Matthew Shepard bill, they decided that they needed to personally attack and defame this boy who died in terror and pain and who never did a single thing to harm another person. The sheer meanness of it was breathtaking. So, too, was the relative silence from people who knew better. Just this year during debate on the House floor, Representative Virginia Foxx (Cunt-NC) found it necessary to call Matthew's horrifying end a "hoax" while his mother was in the gallery. The myriad piece-of-shit whackos who comprise the right-wing mediasphere echoed that and similar sentiments far and wide. Phelps and his disgusting church continue to produce signage and distribute videos celebrating--not just saying, but celebrating--the "fact" that Matthew has been burning in Hell since his murder.

Here's an open letter to those fuckers who found it necessary to keep on brutalizing this kid all these years after his death:

To the Opponents of the Matthew Shepard Act:

Fuck you. Fuck off and die. You're a bunch of fucking losers. You disgust me and you disgust all reasonable Americans.  And you know what else? Now that Matt's law is the law of the land, you will never, ever, ever be able to get rid of it. So from now on, forever, from sea to shining sea, you people will risk getting slapped with Federal hate crimes charges anytime you brutally attack one of us. Oh, and fuck off. Losers.

Chris Fletcher
Member, The Agenda

Tags: douchebaggery, dumbassity, politics

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