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Beating up a woman: FINE; A dude kissing a dude: DISGUSTING

I heard that Good Morning America, which banned Adam Lambert over his freaky queerocity, is fine with having on their show Chris Brown, convicted recently of beating up his girlfriend. Yeah, beating up a chick is just great; kissing a dude is not.

I didn't figure I'd ever comment on that Adam Lambert "controversy" from a few weeks ago when he did some homoerotic stuff on stage at some dumb awards show and then the dumb morning show Good Morning America cancelled his appearance because they didn't want to get all that gay taint on their pristine program. A couple of thoughts: I sometimes have an initial queasy reaction when something like Lambert's shenanigans happens because of all the homophobia that will follow. "See! That is how they act all the time!" But you know what? Fuck it. I'm now glad that he did that stuff on stage. I would never have previously counted myself among his fans. I don't like American Idol and whatever you call those genres of music that they tend to cultivate. But, now, even though I will probably still not ever listen to his music, I am a huge fan of him as a person because he freaked out some of the str8s and got himself kicked off their straight-ass morning show. Which, even though I gather that he is supposed to be a pop star, makes him rather "punk rock." Sometimes I wonder why the fuck anyone would even want to be on GMA anyway? And more to the point, why would anyone watch it? Isn't it like a low-rent version of the Today Show? Jeff watches Today all the time, and I can't stand that when they have music performances on that show. It will be like 8am and I will hear blasting from the TV a Kelly Clarkson concert or a shrill mob of Jonas Brothers fans freaking out. Blecch! It's too early in the morning for all that hootenanny. But still, it would have been awesome if he had gotten on GMA and then made out with a guy on TV again.

Obviously we all know what the deal is. Readers of this page are not dumb, and I don't need to explain that the reason that Lambert's queer behavior is "controversial" is simply because it's m/m and our society cannot yet stomach it. Two girls doing it? Yeah sure, that's almost standard now. But hopefully boy-on-boy will become so as well in the coming years as more and more dudes get public with it. Hopefully! But right now, it's still just a little bit scarier for people than, say, horrific domestic violence.

[The above pic is a gay kiss from (I think) his civilian life. I'd get right in the middle of that right now if I could, that's how big a fan I now am of the hot and terrifying Adam Lambert.]

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