mbranesf (mbranesf) wrote,

Winter hell weather pummels us

 A little while ago, I completed one of the most hellacious winter weather drives of my life, getting home from work. I grew up and learned to drive in an Arctic-climate part of the country, but I have not seen such mayhem and madness on the streets anywhere in many years. Holy goddamned hell. I'm too exhausted after three hours of what should have been twenty minutes to describe it all in detail. But I am home safe now. But I have to head back to work at 6 am tomorrow...assuming that I can get the car unstuck again. While I was at work today, J took these rather pretty photos of the onset of the snowstorm. These don't really indicate the problem, however. It's much, much worse now. Merry White Fucking Xmas, y'all!

Tags: jeff, personal life

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