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 This is rather funny. Last night, while on Twitter, I saw and re-tweeted an update from Tor about some " 'Winds of Dune' bags" from Comic-Con being available, but at first glance I thought the message said "Wind-Bags of Dune." Which I thought was quite funny, so I mentioned in a comment ahead of the retweet that this is how I parsed it at first. Some time later Derek Goodman (@derekjgoodman on Twitter) replied to my tweet about the Wind Bags of Dune, wondering if the subject of it could be the Baron Harkonnen. I replied to him saying that if I were to have the  opportunity to write a Dune novel myself, I would title it "Dunes of Dune" (it would have dunes on the cover, too).  Then, after I got home from work today, I saw that Derek had replied that he had at first misread my title suggestion as "DUDES of Dune."  To which I then replied that I would keep that title in mind should I ever write any Dune slash-fic or the screenplay of a Dune-themed gay porn vid.  Right after I posted that update, Abby Rustad (@Merc_hyn_di on Twitter) saw it and indicated that she would be receptive to something called "Dudes of Dune" (I suspect that she and I share certain aesthetic appreciations).  So I asked her if she happened to know how to write music, because then we could collaborate on "Dudes of Dune: The Opera!"  Alas, she seems to know as little about composing music as I do, but we agreed that we ought to give it a shot (how hard can it be, after all?) But then our discussion drew in Kaolin Fire of GUD (@KaolinFire on Twitter) who also thought the opera/music plan was grand, and we three generally agreed that we ought to go ahead with the Dune opera once we get the basic gist of how to create an opera.   And THEN (sometime later), we heard from musician John Anealio (@JohnAnealio), composer and singer of original sf-themed songs (such as "Rachel Rosen," official theme song of M-Brane 6), who offered his assistance. Yeah, he knew we were just playing around...but he really IS a musician. So I wonder if we need to be getting more serious about this opera idea!

Anyway, I thought the whole Twitter-sequence was quite amusing in the way it developed simply from me retweeting that Tor update and mentioning my misread of it. Twin-moral of the story: Twitter is fun and opera-composing is within our reach!


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Aug. 5th, 2009 05:18 am (UTC)
Wow, I leave Twitter alone for a day and this is what you do with my comment :)
Aug. 6th, 2009 11:27 pm (UTC)
can we all sit at @JohnAnealio 's feet as music disciples?
Aug. 7th, 2009 04:06 am (UTC)
Well he is always very generous about offering assistance with whatever one might need. So yeah, I'm sure he'd be glad to take us all on as apprentices! :)
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