mbranesf (mbranesf) wrote,

Like talking to the effing wall!

So, here's a question that has periodically puzzled me during the time I have been on Twitter: what the fuck is up with rightwing nutjobs just talking to people that they don't know out of the blue for no damned reason other than to voice (usually very crudely) a political disagreement? Is that supposed to be fun? Is it like some kind of sport? Seriously, conservatives (especially this recently ascendant teabagger breed) seem to really need to confront and engage all the time with total strangers who plainly won't want to get into it with them. Generally, I don't have much contact with it on Twitter, because I don't follow people like that, and ones who follow me generally drop away without comment fairly quickly once they figure out that I am liberal fag who is never going to 1) embrace religious fundamentalism; 2) start jerking off to pics of Palin; 3) oppose health care reform; 4) oppose gay marriage; 5) believe in the laughable myth of trickle-down economics; 6) think that the H1N1 vaccine is a communist plot; 7) believe that Obama was born in Iran and that, during his inauguration as President, swore an oath to Satan on a copy of the Q'uran.  But there are for some reason these trolls who just have to say nutty shit to me once in a while, they don't drop it, they won't drop it, and it continues until I block them. Which I hate doing. I'm not a blocker by nature, but they push me to it by not getting the hint that I don't want to talk about their dumbassity.

Look, here's the deal with me and politics and social media:  Yes, I will indeed make a political comment once in a while, but when I do so I am not inviting a debate about my most basic values, nor about objective reality. I already know what the standard teabagger/whackjob views are on the things that I care about, and I have rejected them as moronic and vicious, and frequently delusional and sociopathic as well. I am not changing my mind and endorsing their side of it. EVAR! So it's a complete fucking waste of time to tell me that W was a great President, that fags are ruining traditional marriage, that Obama is an Arab, and that Sarah Palin is a sexy, hot woman. All of these things are patently false. They do not bear up under close examination or even very cursory examination or even a feather-light glance. You know what it's like for a wingnut talking to me about politics? It's like talking to the fucking wall, that's what it's like. And that's the way it's going to stay. And why would they want to anyway? I would never consider hitting up some random #tcot loser on Twitter and challenging his views on marriage equality or Obama's sekrit plot to declare martial law. Why not? Because then I'd be talking to a #tcot loser on Twitter! And that wouldn't be fun for me. I'd rather vacuum the interior of my car than do that. So why is it fun for them to talk to me? I'm not running for office. I'm not lobbying Congress. I have no power or influence. Though I am hoping to get a job on one of those death panels when they finally get going. Oh wait. I didn't mean to say that out loud. 
Tags: douchebaggery, dumbassity, politics, twitter

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