August 10th, 2009

Writers in their work spaces, part 2

This entry is sort of a footnote to this post at the M-Brane blog, which is in turn about a photo series of authors in the rooms where they write (link to it is over there, and I will update that post to link back here...links within links...hmmm.) Someone suggested that I show myself in my work space, so here a few pics of me in my library. Those of you have followed me with M-Brane for awhile have seen most of this before. But since it seems to be the day for it, here are some more. The glowing round object in one of them is my awesome 1950s vintage glass globe lamp. You can't make out the map in the image, but it is a circa 1950 map of the world and the ceramic base of the lamp has within it a book, an old almanac where people from other countries are described as "Negroes" and "Mohammedans."  One of the other pics shows the neon OPEN sign that used to hang in the window of our restaurant.  The other one features a cheap, but beloved, imitation of The David (though J insists that this one has a much larger dick than the real one does. I think he's right).