September 9th, 2009

On 9/9/9, there will be cats

 In defiance of this outrageous call to have a cat-free day on the internet today, I offer this series of cat pics. I don't buy the premise that there ought to ever be a day without cats on the internet, and so I will do my part to ruin their scheme. Tell them that it was I, Christopher Fletcher, who thwarted their plans! Mwaahhahahahhahhaaa!

From top to bottom and left to right, the images are 1) Maus and I in our living room; 2) Jack and I in the library; 3) Jack napping on the living room couch; 4) Maus and Jack reclining on the library couch with Flat Cat and Tommy; 5) Maus asleep on the futon in the living room; 6) Maus shown to scale with a 32 oz. bottle of beer; 7) Flat Cat and I taking a dim view of this whole no-cats business!

Unpleasantness update

I can now reveal that the source of what I described as "the New Unpleasantness" in my post from a couple days ago ("The call me a child molester one more time..." post) was a decision by another magazine to lay a bunch of religious homophobia on one of my Outer Alliance brethren publishers. You can find more information here.  Also, Brandon Bell has offered his own opinion on the same matter, and it is well worth reading.