September 23rd, 2009

Michael Schwartz: Moron and possible closeted homo

I won't spend a lot of time on this because it makes me even sicker to my stomach than I literally am today, but the dumbass Oklahoma political connection demands some response. Check out this article article from the Washington Independent. It's about the "all pornography is homosexual pornography" dumbassity at the stupid Values Voters hoo-ha  from a couple days ago, which you may have heard of. Schwartz is, of course, chief of staff for the illustrious Doctor Senator Tom Coburn. Readers of The Region Between are smart enough to see all the kinds of stupidity that this guy's ideas represent, so I won't carry on about it. The only thing I'll add is my observation--one that's been borne out again and again--that the people who devise the most contorted, bizarre and hateful sorts of attacks on gay people and their "lifestyle" do indeed frequently turn out to have been closeted homosexuals themselves who have turned their self-loathing outward in all kinds of destructive and embarrassing ways. I feel bad for Mr. Schwartz that he has lived his life in this way, if this is true of him as well, but it's certainly not my fault nor the fault of any other members of the Homosexual Agenda, and I will not sit silently while he continues to slur the Membership from within his dank closet. Indeed it is one of the Great Articles of the Agenda that people like this shall be righteously outed and made to account for their crimes. Just ask Ted Haggard.