September 30th, 2009

A weird feeling: Could it be a shred of self-respect returning?

It's rather standard that when I report to work (the day job) I will see a note from my so-called supervisor, stating in her illiterate fashion, some kind of crazy-ass shit that leaves me puzzled all day. It may be something like "Make sure to use big bowls," or "For resident who can't eat corn, mix another vegetable," or "Use the right form please."  Believe me: that makes no more sense to me than it does to you, even though I am immersed in the context of it. This morning, I found (in addition to other senseless notes) a note taped to a radio stating "Don't touch!"

Some background: the kitchen in which I work (generally by myself) has within it an ancient decroded filth-encrusted radio/cassette player device from the 1980s which I use to tune in the local NPR affiliate so I have some information to listen to all day when I am working back there. Evidently is has begun to annoy this turd for whom I work (even though she is almost never there when I am) that I move the radio to an area of the room where it can receive the signal from this radio station. I am sure, also, that it irritates her that I listen to that particular station instead of a commercial radio station playing endless re-runs of Eagles and CCR songs. Even though I put it back and re-tune it to her station when I am done. So she strikes back by taping a "Don't touch!" note to the fucking radio.

Yeah...well two things about that: 1) I am not a five-year-old, and so I neither respond to nor respect childish taped-up handwritten notes from tiny small-minded pieces of humanoid trash; and 2) during the 10 to 12 hours that I am confined to that space, I WILL listen to the radio or I will NOT work there, and I will leave that decision up to her.  It may be a small and petty thing, but I will in fact walk out on my job over it if pressed. I will indeed resign my main source of income over this and feel totally awesome about it.  I think it finally sunk through my thick stupid head the fact that I used to have a real career and now I work for barely above minimum wage for a loser who writes notes and uses tape all over the goddamned place. Fuck it.  If they don't want me listening to radio, then they can fire me. But under no circumstances will I comply with this stupid new rule. Rules are for chumps. I defied this one all day today and will do so again tomorrow.