November 8th, 2009

Shall we indulge in some gay cartoon sex?

Oddly, this morning started with an email from someone I sort of know--not really well, but sort of--the subject of which was yaoi and gay hentai imagery. This person wished to make sure that I was aware of the existence of such material, because he suspected that I would find it extremely enjoyable and that it would be a major oversight on my part of I didn't know about it.  Hmm. Well, I have indeed known about these forms of Japanese cartoon sexiness for many years. Really, I would be surprised if there is a genre of gay porn that I have not yet heard of. But I'm not, in fact, a big consumer of erotic imagery and videos. I find that my imagination is quite a bit hotter than most of what shows up in pics and vids. If I am going to spend time with porn, I'd rather read something. A few years ago, Jeff and I were shopping with our friend Emily in a store in St. Louis which had a fairly extensive gay porn magazine selection. Jeff and I decided to make purchases, so we would have something fun to leaf through over mimosas during brunch. I chose an issue of the digest Cherry Tales. This magazine had a single image, on its cover, and the whole interior of it was nothing but text. It looked kind of like Analog, but filled with "true" first person accounts of boys who has just turned eighteen that day losing their virginity. Emily said something like, "Of course you're getting the porn mag that doesn't have any pictures!" Dork!

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