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NaNoWriMo again

I'm not sure how I figure I have time for National Novel Writing Month this November, when I am struggling with a number of looming M-Brane Press deadlines (and my whole "real" life, too), but I am determined to try anyway. I had such a good experience with my first attempt at it last year, during which I produced work that I am still not totally embarrassed by, that I think it's worth another go (it also helped stave off the onset of seasonal depression). The set schedule of it, the specific word-count goal, the built-in peer pressure, and the self-imposed need to make good on my own boasting seemed to make just the right working conditions for me to bust out more than 50K words in a month. 

A few posts back, I mulled over some possible ideas for this year's story. As it happens, I won't be picking any of those. Instead, I am going with an entirely new idea that derives from a dream that I had the other night. The novel will be composed of a number of parallel stories all starring the same protagonist, but in different worlds. I picture a more or less contemporary 21st-century world, a post-apocalyptic world, a planetary romance world, and a steam era-style world in alternate realities with somewhat congruent events taking place. The protagonist exists in all of these, but he is probably not just alternate universe versions of someone, but literally the same person who has been somehow spread over these very different but parallel paths. There is a reason for this, and a plan. And a revelation. What any of this is about remains to be seen. I have no idea, and won't probably have any idea until mid-November when I am deeply into it. Oh, and there is a piece of artwork that figures prominently in the story. It is by an unknown artist, and it shows up in a gallery tagged as "Boy, Converged (Mixed Media on Canvas, 2111)." These words are directly from the dream, and they are the title of the novel. That's all I know so far.
Tags: nanowrimo, personal writing

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