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Frank confronts willful, deliberate evil

I was hoping to never return to the topic of health care reform after my recent post about it (the one about the "I'll-go-back-to-Nazi-Germany" piece of shit from Obama's New Hampshire town hall). But I wanted to bring it up again now because I have seen the faintest glimmerings of hope: 1) the media seems to be using more openly terms like "rude" and "loud" to describe these rude, loud dumbasses who go to the town hall meetings to shout at their congress people; 2) the White House is signaling that they may soon say "fuck off" to Congressional Republicans, quit all this bi-partisan nonsense and go ahead with a Democrat-only piece of legislation as they should have from day one when the GOP indicated that they would never work with the White House on anything; and 3) a member of Congress, the well-known Barney Frank, finally called out one of these Nazi-analogizing fuckwits at one of his town halls.  Here's a link to a website where people can thank Mr. Frank for retaliating and also watch the video of it. As I noted earlier on Twitter, it figures that it would take a gay dude to have big enough balls to finally squash one of these creeps.

When I see and (more importantly) hear someone like the woman in that video, I am inclined to be quite mean and uncharitable and wish just a little bit that she and her ilk were correct in their fantasy about Obama and FEMA erecting a nationwide network of death camps to exterminate her people. That way she could find out first hand what the word "Nazi" actually means and maybe live (just barely) to regret having thrown it around so casually. 

Tags: douchebaggery, dumbassity, hate let me tell you, politics, real world crap

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