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Ok, one more health insurance post

I mostly just want to link here  to Brandon Bell's post "Enough is Enough" a fine, fine retaliation against the madness of the day, which will in turn direct the reader to an earlier post on the same subject. And I also wanted to quote here my own comment on his post, because it sums up what I have finally concluded about current affairs. It is just a summary, but I will be happy to expand upon it and defend it as needed:

mbranesf said...

The elephant in the room that many good fair-minded people seem unable to bring themselves to acknowledge is the fact that these angry movements--the teabaggers, the birthers, these town hall turds--are shot through and through with racism. The more I examine it, the more clear it becomes. I wanted to think we had moved past that after the election, but the country immediately re-polarized and the extreme right has devised a whole new shroud of code words and behaviors that, at best, thinly disguise the truth that they are a bunch of racists who can't hack it that the culture has moved on. In a very few years from now, white people will be perhaps the single biggest ethnic group but will be in an overall minority of total population. These people see the face of our nation as a black man in the form of Obama, and they simply can't sit still for it. When I say this to anyone, I get told that I am being a kneejerk jerk: "Just cuz I don't like how Obama is RUINING AMERIKA that don't mean I'm a racist!" And then they proceed to say that my argument is simply to call any criticism of the Obama administration a form of racism. Well...that IS basically what I'm saying, and I make no apology for it. The evidence before my eyes and bleeding ears suggests this: The teabaggers ARE a bunch of racists, and it's evident from their rabid behavior, anti-intellectualism, deep sickly pallor, and--now--their casual use of the swastika as their emblem. 

Indeed, enough is enough.

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