mbranesf (mbranesf) wrote,

The recent troll incident (and sorry to my friends!)

Many of my Twitter followers unfortunately got splattered by the filthy spew from a Twitter troll with whom I clashed the other night.  I use Twitter quite a lot for M-Brane business and my own personal amusement and to keep up with friends I've made as a consequence of those things. I have 400-some followers, many of whom I don't know well, but I've never really had much unpleasantness with it as far as people being mean to me or witnessing people that I know being mean to each other. The people I know there all seem to be decent folk and there is generally a feeling of conviviality and humanity that radiates from my TweetDeck.

But for some reason some asshole that I do not know and had never heard of decided to tweet to me a link to a video which alleges that President Obama and Senator Boxer are in favor of...I'll give you one guess...DEATH PANELS!  I thought this dumb prick, who somehow decided that I, of all people, needed to hear about Death Panels was possibly just a bot. I looked at his/its twit-stream and it consisted mostly of the same tweet about SENATOR DEATH PANEL over and over again. There did appear to be some signs of interaction with people here and there, however, so I decidedly to go ahead and reply. I shouldn't have taken the bait, but I was kind of pissed off. That death panel shit makes me as crazy as an ugly ass-faced teabagger at a townhall meeting. I told him he had found the wrong audience, that I don't buy into that kind of wacko nutbag nonsense, and please die in a fire. Or something like that. He then proceeded to slam me with a series of tweets calling me a communist and accusing me of being "militantly lazy" and other such nonsense. But then, he must have looked at my own followers list or my twit-stream and picked out a bunch of my friends to attack with his dumbassity. "You should know better," he admonished them, pointing out that I am a "health care communist."

Um...who the fuck does this?  Why in bleeding Hell would you just hunt up a bunch of people you don't know on a social media network--ones who will almost certainly not agree with you, no less--and start bothering them and picking fights with them? Is that supposed to be fun somehow? If so, how pitiful and sad. I guess if I were a miserable, bored loser, I could spend all my free time trolling through the #tcot stream on Twitter and just randomly picking out death panel wingnuts to harrass. But then I would probably need to kill myself. And I barely hold off that impulse as it is.

So I regret having engaged with this jerk since it ended up resulting in annoyance to others.  I did eventually block this troll and I also preemptively blocked all 65 of his followers just in case any of them would think to speak to me. I figured that anyone who would actually choose to follow such a person is automatically someone I would never wish to meet. It's funny: I never before bothered to actually block anyone and never felt any particular desire to, but this was annoying enough I went ahead and did it to 65 Twits in one sitting.

Tags: douchebaggery, dumbassity, politics, twitter

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