mbranesf (mbranesf) wrote,

Workplace radio standoff continues...

 A little follow-up to yesterday's post about my Primary Enemy at the day job trying to stop me from listening to the radio...I continued my defiance of this horseshit today. I know she must be aware of this defiance because when I arrived this morning there was evidence that she had been in there ahead of me and had therefore seen the moved radio (I did not return it to its normal place yesterday as I would have in the past) and its lack of a "do not touch!" note.  She never reappeared all day (even though she was working next door in another building on our compound) and even refrained from calling me to hassle me about anything. I suspect that she is for the moment flummoxed by my blatant defiance and trying to figure out how or if to respond. No matter what happens in this stupid situation, I come out the winner. Even if they fire me over it, I still win because then I won't have to ever see Primary Enemy or her moronic confederates ever again. 
Tags: day-jobbery, douchebaggery, dumbassity

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