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The Region Between

For my other stuff

16 August
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I'm a chef by trade, and a writer by habit. I used to edit and publish M-Brane SF, a monthly science fiction magazine. M-Brane's press still exists and has some book titles in print and forthcoming. I occasionally blog about sf and related topics (at www.mbranesf.com). My partner and I live in Saint Louis.

ae van vogt, aether, alfred bester, alice sheldon, alternate history, american horror story, arthur rimbaud, atheism, authors, baking, balls, bbc, black holes, books, borges, boy-batter, boys, boys necklaces and bracelets, brane theory, cats, cheese, circle jerk, cocks, cocksnot, cocksucking, cocktails, cooking, cormac mccarthy, cosmic horror, cowpers glands, cross-genre, cthulhu mythos, cuisine, culinary history, cum, curaçao, dhalgren, dick pics, dicks, dinner, dressing room hook-ups, dune, edgar rice burroughs, erotic dreams spontaneous ejac, erotica, evan peters, exhibitionism, fan fiction, fantasy, fanzines, fellatio, fiction, food, fucking, gay, gay porn, gay sex, group sex, harlan ellison, history, homoeroticism, homosexuality, horror novels, house of leaves, hp lovecraft, ikea, indian food, jacking off, jacking on cam, james tiptree, jizz, joanna russ, jockstraps, justin bieber, justin bieber's cock, kittens, korean food, leftist politics, lgbt, liquor, literary porn, literature, locker room hook-ups, m-brane sf, magic realism, mars, masturbation, modernism, naked males, naked selfies, nick cave, novels, npr, nuts, octavia butler, orgasm control, pbs, phillip dick, pics of my cock, planetary romance, plants, postmodernism, preek, print books, public broadcasting, public nudity, public sex, publishing, punk rock, punks, queer, queer fiction, queer ya fiction, rentboys, restroom hook-ups, rimming, rubber shoes, samuel delany, san pellegrino, science, science fiction, semen, semen my own, sex, shirtless boys, short stories, singularities, slan, slash fiction, sleeveless hoodie, slow food, speculative fiction, sperm, spunk, star trek, stars in my pocket, steampunk, stroking my bone, surrealism, ttbook, twinks, vegetables, visible public erections, vodka club soda, william burroughs, wine, writers, writing, young men, zines